Facsimile web edition of the Corvinian codex (c. 1473-75)
about the glorious deeds of King Matthias of Hungary
with the Latin transcription of Jenő Ábel (1880)
and the Hungarian translation of Gábor Kazinczy (1863).

Dr. Marianne Rozsondai
Head of the Dept. of Manuscripts and Rare Books of the HAS
coordination, introductory study, selection of illustrations

Dr. Tamás Sajó
Studiolum Publisher
revision of the Latin transcription, annotations,
English and Italian version

János Véber
Dept. of Manuscripts and Rare Books of the HAS
collation of the Latin and Hungarian transcriptions with the originals,
historical notes

Dr. Antonio Bernat Vistarini
Universitat de les Illes Balears & Studiolum Publisher
Spanish version

web edition

The facsimile photos of the codex were made by the Pytheas Publisher,
the photos of the illustration by Klára Láng (Microfilm Collection of the HAS